Love of Mythology...Mermaid Myths

Myths capture the heart in explaining human behavior. From the past we're delivered into a realm both human and magical, a surreal existence explaining where mankind originated and the power and influence of immortals behind our existence.
One of my favorite themes in mythology the creation of love. Whether Gods, goddesses, or mortals, the ability to love has always intrigued me, especially when there are powers transmuting our mere mortal existence. Mermaid mythology is my favorite having come from Miami and spent my life near the ocean. So for the next week, we'll dive into the world of mermaids starting with Atargatis, a Syrian Goddess of fertility and protection. This myth appeared between 700 - 1000 b.c.
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Mermaid Erotic Love Story  Amazon Bestseller #1 Fantasy Romance in March and April
    She cleared her throat, hoping her voice leveled out. "The site is utterly stunning, wouldn’t you agree Mr. Herndon…Wyatt?"

      His steely gaze seemed to contemplate what she’d uttered. How in the heck had she become head realtor of this deal? She stared at her emergency sack, folded and tucked by the side of her seat. She doubted shoving the brown paper bag against her face would fill her newest client with much confidence in her abilities. She put the thought away and sucked in a deep,slow breath.

    The man’s shadow fell over her as he bent down. She peered up into his face and her breath caught in her throat. Something in his manner exacerbated her hunger for hot, mind-blowing sex.

    "Are you going togive me a tour from the front seat of your car?" He chuckled. "I promise not to bite." The corners of his mouth curled secretively, and then he whispered almost beyond earshot. "Too hard."

    She stared at him opened-mouthed. "Excuse me?"

    "Nothing. Just wondering if you’re planning on exiting your vehicle in the near future?"

     "I’m just getting my camera and phone. You should be enjoying the view."

    "Trust me, from this vantage point, I am. The sights are more than alluring."

     What was he talking about? His gaze hadn’t left her face or body. Her fingers trembled, knowing he waited to trek over the sugary sand toward the water’s edge. Hazardous for her given the lunar timing. She was coming undone alright. Her spine snapped to attention as a pulling sensation stretched across her skin in all directions. She scratched her neck, fighting the urge to rub her back against the seat.

    The skin under her waistband burned from unseen etchings. If she pushed down her skirt, she’d find faint ridges of topical scales appearing over her skin. Same sequence every month, minus one tempting man-candy-client. She imagined tasting Wyatt’s lickable body.



Sexy Excerpt from SURRENDER. Saturday Spankings


~Excerpt from Surrender~
Erotic Dreamscape Fantasies coming Summer of 2013
Three-Part Installment
          Didn’t you notice the Segall icon on the screen? You’re banging away at the keyboard each day and it’s him you’re hitting.”
If Luke only knew it would soon be the other way around. Me over Graham’s lap or whatever surface he saw fit.
“I know about Segall computers. I just meant, he’s into his practice.” Another half-lie that had fire riot over my cheeks. I had to stay clear of thinking of Graham in sexual terms. Not easy considering that was the whole basis of my upcoming employment contract.
        “Well, what about living arrangements? What did he offer you?” Laura didn't miss a beat as she went through her mental laundry list of questions.
       “I’d live with him.”
        Both Laura and Luke exchanged a rapid glance. I already knew the next question and was prepared.
        “As in the same house?” My sister's shocked voice screeched.





Book 2 of Rocky Mountain Shifters.
Collared for a Night is due out September 2 through Crimson Romance.

This tasty erotica tale is set for release July 2013

Tristen and Fin, ex-military, these alpha males don't mess around.
LGBT Erotica Paranormal Ménage Novella
Wolf Shifters with a blood sucking
sidekick weave team spirit  into a whole new light.

“Wake up. Tristen, for Pete's sakes. Man, you’re dreaming.” Fin’s voice rose above the screams. The smell of charred flesh still stung his nostrils.
Tristen's lungs expanded and contracted. His heart pumped overtime, pumped so hard his heartbeat bleated into his throat. The rhythm loud in his ears drowned out Fin’s voice each time his heart squeezed. 
      The grip of fingers was coming from the barrel-chested man next to him in bed, dug into Tristen’s skin, biting and stilling him. Squinting, he wiped the perspiration running down the sides of his face.
      Barely past three in the morning. This was more than the witching hour; it was the time he awoke in a cold sweat. Night after haunted night.
      He sat up, the sheets twisted around his naked body. “Fuck, did I scream?”
      “Christ, piercing like a girl.” Fin muttered, holding up his hand. “Naw, you yelled once, fuck I don’t know, maybe twice.”

Seductive Studs & Sirens for May 4, 2013
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