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The man’s shadow fell over her as he bent down. She peered up into his face and her breath caught in her throat. Something in his manner exacerbated her hunger for hot, mind-blowing sex.

“Are you going to give me a tour from the front seat of your car?” He chuckled. “I promise not to bite.” He smiled secretively, and then whispered almost beyond earshot. “Too hard.”

She stared at him opened-mouthed. “Excuse me?”

“Nothing. Just wondering if you’re planning on exiting your vehicle in the near future?”

“I’m just getting my camera and phone. You should be enjoying the view.”

“Trust me, from this vantage point, I am. The sights are more than alluring.”

What was he talking about? His gaze hadn’t left her face or body. Her fingers trembled, knowing he waited to trek over the sugary sand toward the water’s edge. Hazardous for her given the lunar timing. She was coming undone alright. Her spine snapped to attention as a pulling sensation stretched across her skin in all directions. She scratched her neck, fighting the urge to rub her back against the seat.

The skin under her waistband burned from unseen etchings. If she pushed down her skirt, she’d find faint ridges of topical scales appearing over her skin. Same sequence every month, minus one tempting man-candy. She imagined tasting Wyatt’s lickable body.

Marissa pulled at the cuffs of her shirt and stammered. In the rearview mirror, she studied his vehicle parked behind her. “Are you sure about your car? I-I think your car is sticking out. It’s rather large.”

He returned her gaze with an arched brow. His heated stare was too much, and she lowered her gaze down his body, stopping at the bulge in his pants. A quiver released between her shoulder blades. Wyatt’s manly equipment had her salivating. She swallowed, afraid any second she’d become a drooling fool. Her client had no idea her psyche verged on shattering by his mere proximity. In this state, her sense of smell and hearing were out-of-control.

She muttered, “Some clients are rather select about their packages… I mean vehicles.”

“Darling, that vehicle is the least of my worries. It’s now or never, sugar. The shore isn’t about to come to us, so I guess we’d better get a move on.”

“Are you sure you don’t want to go down by the shore alone? To get a sense of the site. I can wait up here at the boardwalk.”

“Miss Silverpointe, I’d bet the view around here changes rapidly depending upon a state of relaxation. Doesn’t it, sweetheart? Besides, you gave me your word. It’s you and me. Undivided. Shall I get a lasso to keep you near me?”

She ignored his comments. To feed into his teasing would unhinge her further. “That goes hand in hand with any ocean-front property. I imagine you’ve learned to plan for all sorts of contingencies. After developing into what is it now, 24 or 25 beachfront residences, you, more than anyone, would know how volatile the ocean can become.”

“I’ve got immense respect for Mother Nature. I also understand how to harness and stabilize wild forces and untamed energy. All it takes is a steady, firm hand. And patience. I’ve got both. The only thing I’m missing at the moment is a realtor.”

“Duly noted,” she muttered softly to herself, unable to stall him any longer.

He held out a large palm to her, wicked humor spilling out in his tone. “Well, either we can dance or sit on the sidelines? I want you with me now and in the future. You signed on for this deal. I expect your opinion on all issues. Twenty-four-seven. You promised, mi vida.”

His deep voice, tinged by a seductive drawl, jolted her. She was dumbfounded again by his clear blue eyes, mirroring the cloudless sky above his head. He took hold of her hand, tugging her out of the car. “Let’s go, baby doll. The sea’s a-calling.”

“I guess I’m as ready as I’ll ever be.” She grabbed her oversized purse and swung her feet onto the pavement. His intense gaze pierced to the quick. She felt a thump in her chest as her heart kicked up in response. Jesus, just standing near the man was utter insanity.


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