SECRET DESIRE...isn't a secret anymore.


"Shh, I’m in charge." He laughed and gently flipped her onto her stomach. He pressed opened her thighs, and she came up onto her forearms. His cock moved between her legs. He took hold of her, pulling her hips back toward him, and he plunged back inside her. She moaned. She arched her bottom up against his body. His fierce expression flashed in her memory, but there was no use in fighting desire or the wicked lesson he was capably teaching her. She bobbed her head rhythmically to the slamming of him against her bottom.

"Oh. My. God."

"Don’t come yet." His voice was rough, hot, and demanding.

"No?" She was on the cusp of unraveling. She gripped the desk and gave into a spasm of pleasure. "I can’t."

He pumped with greater force, as if used to taking what he wanted. He stopped, his breath ragged against her neck. He rubbed her buttocks.

Cynthia barely held on to her refusal to explode. She wavered, slipping, wanting to give in to release as arousal overtook her, all the more potent with his cock poised, unmoving inside her.

"I said to wait, didn’t I?" He withdrew his cock and without warning his hand slapped against her ass with a resounding whack, crisp and loud.

Heat mixed with pain spread out over her bottom. He slapped one cheek again and again. Her buttock was on fire. Tears sprang to her eyes. He grabbed her hair, pins dropping onto the desk, flying onto the carpet, and he yanked, driving his rod back in her. She found no place to hide.

He was forcing her to open, to let go and let him take care of her needs. He alternated between caressing her ass cheek to a hard-handed spank several more times until she lost count.

"No more," she said.

"Quite right."

"Please." The shocking sensation of pain exhausted the emotional walls she had erected.

"Please what?" He chuckled. "How can I help you, Ms. Lewis?"


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