Self- Promotion...I'd Rather Stick a Pin in My Eye

I love writing. It's a passion--

Did I just hear a "No shit Sherlock?"

Hold on...I was getting to the next part. Part of being an author has nothing to do with writing fiction.

As an author, part of writing is really part promotion. But no one ever tells you what that exactly means. Some writers are magicians. Part charisma with equal parts marketing and social savvy. They build networks and walk on water.

Err...that's not me. I'm equal parts foot-in-mouth and rabbit scurry, or rather, running to hide. You've a better chance at seeing the back of my head, than a head shot.

But from what I've learned, readers enjoy getting to know the talking head behind the talking characters. Authors must step away from the laptop and step into the limelight.

Learning to share of oneself and communicate is a gift. And one I do not always find easy to unlock. The same characteristic that enables a person to sit alone and write for hours, does not fare well in social situations.
What can be done?
Improving social media connections is a step but so is building confidence. Or bravado. There's a cavernous furrow between spamming and being available to communicate with an audience.

How can communication be forged?

Maybe with baby steps. There are social media places where writers and readers can connect. Talk. Exchange.
Asking open-ended questions and, even playing games.
Not mind games, things like parlor games when readers do show up. 

To lay the foundation, first the writer must show up and do that consistently.

Communities are definitely the way to go. Goodreads, Google+, Facebook Groups are a start.

For me, I'm coming to terms being "out there" since I wrote the darn book and agreed to have it published, I can't hide and hope all goes well.

So I'm coming out, excuse the mess, and willing to try my hand at self-promo work. Please remember, for authors laying open their heart is really at the center of each book.

It's no easier walking around naked for inside, on each page, we've given you to the key to come inside our world.

In return, if you see me out and about whether in real life or online, please understand, this is all terribly new and scary.

In reality, I don't want to shove my book down your throat, just form a connection.

And I can't tell you how pleasing it is, when someone sees I'm more than a two-dimensional headshot. Boy, am I relieved. 


Why a Mermaid as Heroine? Lucky in Love Blog Hop.

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Well how about Mermaid Luck?
Symbolism of mermaids and love.

Welcome to Ocean of Love, An Erotic Fairytale where a mermaid
meets her soul mate,
a demanding man who she's willing
to risk her secret
for just one night of mind-blowing sex.  
Why pick a mermaid as the heroine?
Mermaids are water symbols which means they represent the feminine, or yin, aspect of humanity in instinct and intuition, or the emotional, subconsciousness and deep (primitive) regions of perception.

They enchant through the senses, especially the voice known to mesmerize sailors or heroes. Sensual, private, elusive by nature. Highly fluid or representing the feminine nature, untamed, independent, capable of deep love and highly passionate creatures. 

Mermaids are linked to the moon. It is the one time they can unveil themselves or in this story, submit to her mate. 

Sea nymphs accurately perceive the contents of a man'sheart.



Is it a a feeling, or symbol or special charm, or is there no such thing as luck when it comes to love?  

Hard work, compassion, and compromise?

Or maybe a bit of both.

Leave a comment to be entered for the grandprizes and remember we need your email address.

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Some lucky someone.
Winners chosen at random.

OCEAN OF LOVE gives 25% of profits to the Dolphin Project. I'm a supporter and hope you will consider this worthwhile international organization that stops the slaughter of dolphin. Thank you from the heart.

Ocean of Love is available on Amazon $0.99 or Free for Prime Members






Ocean of Love is now Available on Amazon

Red-hot anger shot through her already tense body. She was pulled into a taut bow ready to find a target. Wyatt hung up, raw power seeping from within him, converging within her body, and still she couldn’t contain her outrage.

“Removing me in my capacity at this stage? I should be the one to decide and relay that to my boss. Not be yanked off.” She felt her face heat and her body began to shake. She’d rather walk out the front door and never, ever, lay eyes on him again than be disrespected in this fashion. “I’m more than insulted.”

His face remained impassive, even though his voice crept toward her in a low growl. “Sweetheart, that’s not a slight where you’re concerned. My God, even with your back against some imaginary wall, you’re a sight. I’ve no intention of wasting another moment of your precious life on such insignificant details—”

She cut him off. “To you, Wyatt. I’m so sorry my work as a realtor is less than exciting. Well, no harm done. You’ll be on a plane to God-knows-where, now that you’re finished. Another day and you’ll be free.”

“I’m not free. Just the opposite.” He moved so fast she didn’t have time to duck. He took hold of her and kissed her quiet.

She pushed against him, making him tighten his grasp. “Don’t fight what we’ve got. I’m not letting you go that easily.” He kissed her, his mouth melted over hers while he secured her to him, his body bending her backward, taking his time. Sucking her lips, he coaxed her to allow him entry. He moved against her, holding her next to him, inch by inch, finding the way they fit.

His tongue leisurely explored her mouth until she relaxed, opened up to him, moaning against his mouth.

Erotic Mermaid Tale of Love and Lust
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Erotic Horror: TRUST FALL-Weekend Writing Warriors

He peered at her with eyes the strangest shade. She’d swore they were dark brown but here in the flourescent light they were dark blue almost purple...none of this felt right.
"I'm not certain why I followed you back here."
He strode around the desk blocking her exit. “Why don’t we come clean? If you want information, just ask. I don’t think tongue wrestling is part of your union agreement. Christ, how far would you have gone?”
Cerise stared at Stewart wondering if this was some foreplay-roleplay that got him off.
His gaze traced a line to her chest, down her skirt all the way down her legs.
“Would you let me lick you...taste you just to get a few names?”    
 Without waiting he took hold her, lifting up her skirt, tearing her panties from her hips, spreading her legs open, and arched a brow. "Not exactly FBI issue," he chuckled.


SECRET DESIRE...isn't a secret anymore.


"Shh, I’m in charge." He laughed and gently flipped her onto her stomach. He pressed opened her thighs, and she came up onto her forearms. His cock moved between her legs. He took hold of her, pulling her hips back toward him, and he plunged back inside her. She moaned. She arched her bottom up against his body. His fierce expression flashed in her memory, but there was no use in fighting desire or the wicked lesson he was capably teaching her. She bobbed her head rhythmically to the slamming of him against her bottom.

"Oh. My. God."

"Don’t come yet." His voice was rough, hot, and demanding.

"No?" She was on the cusp of unraveling. She gripped the desk and gave into a spasm of pleasure. "I can’t."

He pumped with greater force, as if used to taking what he wanted. He stopped, his breath ragged against her neck. He rubbed her buttocks.

Cynthia barely held on to her refusal to explode. She wavered, slipping, wanting to give in to release as arousal overtook her, all the more potent with his cock poised, unmoving inside her.

"I said to wait, didn’t I?" He withdrew his cock and without warning his hand slapped against her ass with a resounding whack, crisp and loud.

Heat mixed with pain spread out over her bottom. He slapped one cheek again and again. Her buttock was on fire. Tears sprang to her eyes. He grabbed her hair, pins dropping onto the desk, flying onto the carpet, and he yanked, driving his rod back in her. She found no place to hide.

He was forcing her to open, to let go and let him take care of her needs. He alternated between caressing her ass cheek to a hard-handed spank several more times until she lost count.

"No more," she said.

"Quite right."

"Please." The shocking sensation of pain exhausted the emotional walls she had erected.

"Please what?" He chuckled. "How can I help you, Ms. Lewis?"