Six Sentence Sunday - OCEAN OF LOVE

Six sentences from Ocean of Love, a paranormal romance. And yes, it's a Valentine's story.

Finally, their work is done and Marissa is unable to resist her client's charms. Wyatt's call to Marissa's boss requests the real estate closing be "handled" by his attorney so he can have her all to himself in an oceanfront villa. So far, he's let Marissa do her real estate broker job so her ethics wouldn't be compromised but no more. Tonight is Valentine's night and it's time for love.

She'd been ready to give into him except now with a butcher’s knife to her back, she’d rather walk out the front door and never, ever, lay eyes on him again. “I’m more than insulted.”

His face remained impassive even though his voice crept toward her in a low growl. “Sweetheart, there's no slight where you're concerned. My God, even with your back against some imaginary wall, you’re a sight. Marissa, I’ve no intention of wasting another moment of your precious life on such insignificant details—”

With any luck, Ocean of Love should be released at the beginning of February
in time for Valentine's day. I just hope it's this year. Wish me luck.

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