Six Sentence Sunday: Game on.

Six Sentences on Sunday and let's get started shall we? Authors join together on Sunday giving the world a slice of their creativity. Served up cold, hot, spicy or anything in between, we write and invite you to partake. 

This week, let's sample shifting steam from Collared For A Night, paranormal shapeshifting erotic romance. (That a mouthful right there.)

Diana's more than a widow. Alone. She's a shapeshifter on the verge of losing control. Shawn is a man who asks few questions, prefering to act out his alpha nature instead of trading small talk. He agrees to "help" Diana out during her heat cycle.

Game. On.
  (Shawn poses the question below.)
            “Frst, answer my question. Are you interested in spending the night with me? A one word answer will due. Yes or No?”
         "This is a little bit more than deciding on scrambled or
poached. I didn’t expect to see you here as my...as my date.”

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