Jan. 20 Six Sentence Sunday

Secret Desire Excerpt
Novel and soon to be released in early February 1, 2013.
A contemporary erotic romance set in North Carolina.

Claire Robertson must return to her hometown to deal with tragedy and heartache. She left home to become a journalist, writing erotic tales at night undercover. Going back home, she discovers an opportunity amidst tragedy and the chaos of sending the wrong story to her editor. When a door is closed, there's got to be a window open somewhere.

If she's ready to take a chance, she may find love and a scorching life are hers for the asking.

 From page two.
       Tonight Dustin seemed to take possession of her thoughts, but it was her body that wanted fulfillment. She half-closed her eyes and imagined the things Dustin would do to her. Her breath caught, her eyes fluttered, and he was gone.Claire moaned, slamming her hand down in frustration.

        She had to stop imagining him. These fantasies tended to spill into her nighttime writing, and if

she wasn’t careful, her next heroine might very well fall into the arms of a motocross-riding hero who

closely resembled the boy next door.

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