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“Sexy is a strange thing. I'm not sure it has to do with sex. Sexy has to do with not knowing what's coming next. It's unpredictability.”
― Christopher Walken


Metafiction and Secret Desire, Using Twins instead of Psychosis

By Susan D. Taylor ---Metafictionalist.

A long time ago, writer Stephen King wrote a couple of stories within his slew of stories that detailed and described a writer's journey. Misery and Secret Window, Secret Garden. One a full length novel and the other a novella, and both were made into movies. Misery and Four Past Midnight.

It wasn't happenstance that Secret Desire delves into the theme of writing erotica today as seen through the eyes of a young woman who herself is a writer. The novel is contemporary and mirrors the world of today as quickly changing more so than ever before.

Secret Desire plays with the themes of e-book publishing and the immediacy of the moment. A mistake unleashed online can spiral rapidly. It is near impossible to pull back information once it's uploaded and that's part of the chaos of the story. Conversely, each of these spiraling evidents are a window of opportunity. That theme is also played out several times within the novel. Amidst tragedy can we find the gift given us.

Now, metafiction is all well and good, but what does it have to do with an erotic romance?

We've lived through a year that released 50 Shades, and opened doorways into BDSM. Heck, my local grocery has books in stock I never thought I see. A cover featuring a whip right there next to the peanut butter. Think I'm joking. Kink is a featured film at Sundance this year. With the 50 Shades of romance fiction, a path was cut for an ensuing surge in popularity of erotic romance and erotica. (BTW, erotica romance and erotica are similar yet not the same.)

Secret Desire explores, or attempts to explore, the intrapersonal relationship a young woman encounters with the "coming out of her vanilla closet", and openly admitting she writes erotic romance. Not so easy when she's set her expectations somewhere up amidst the stratosphere. Not so easy in real life either.

In the writing of this novel, I employed the use of an identical twin to symbolize a fractured personality. With Fran appearing as Claire's twin sister instead of psychiatric personality split (fracture) or psychosis that would have taken this love story across another genre bordering on horror romance. Well, not this time around.

Instead I tried to present one person with multiple voices feeding into her desire to appease and conflict her own set of unrealistic goals as well as push her character arc from being the type of "pleasing" personality, traditionally a female cultural characteristic found in the upbringing of  many United States women and elsewhere. Eventually, because after all this is fiction and must adhere to romance and plot conventions, her arc is realized.

I don't claim to be literary, intelligent, or a skilled writer (so unlike how Fran describes Claire "I thought you were interested in a literary career. Highbrow literary salons sipping espresso. You and your nerdy friends at Pike Place Market.")

I simply wrote a story to explore my own emotional bias and fears of what it means to write within a genre where some people have multiple views (i.e. negative and ultra-negative) of EROTIC ROMANCE. I live in a fairly conservative aka Bible belt part of the United States but come from a very cosmopolitan town--Miami, Florida. Luckily, I see both sides of the coin.

In real life, just like my character, I toyed with using a pen name, and then didn't the first time out the gate. But I don't think the curtain and veils surrounding erotica and erotic romance are imaginary. Some experiences are laughable and included in Secret Desire. For example some people have suggested an author of erotica might have some potent sexual experiences or questionable morals. Again just like exchange between Fran and Claire in the book (Secret Desire):
Fran --"I can’t believe you. Have you thought this through? I mean, my God. You’ve always acted so holier than thou and then to think this is what rolls around your head. Do you do things like this in Seattle?"

Claire--"Do you think a horror fiction writer goes around killing people? It’s called an imagination."

"Well, I just don’t know." Fran pulled the neck of her shirt upward. She wrapped her arms around her stomach and sat up. All of a sudden, her sister looked very much as though she were holier than thou even with her tattoo peeking over her shoulder.

This exchange was very much a wink over to Stephen King and his metafiction writing. ;^)

Metafiction is not new. Some say its root go all the way back to Homer's Odyssey. The term appeared in the 70's to describe a literary vehicle where a writer uses a story, literature, a movie to explore the relationship between culture and fiction.

This was a first attempt on my part, debut novel if you will. Far from perfect and begins with an erotic short story within the opening of the novel. I hope readers understand the form of a story within a story exists and why. It was challenging to use metafiction or romance irony. I didn't create this literary device I just borrowed it. Along the way, I exercised most of the demons in my mind concerning writing erotic romance. What began a simple romance exploration, a manuscript of 27,000 words increased to 49,000 leaving me no chance to slink into the background of tepid romance. I have my editor to thank for giving me the courage to explore this genre and come out of my own placid closet. So it's been the best journey in writing and thinking. And come February 1, 2013 Secret Desire will be released by Etopia Press.

In case you'd like to know more about Metafiction, check these out.
Wikipedia says:
Metafiction, also known as Romantic irony in the context of Romantic works of literature, is a type of fiction that self-consciously addresses the devices of fiction, exposing the fictional illusion. Metafiction uses techniques to draw attention to itself as a work of art, while exposing the "truth" of a story. "Metafiction" is the literary term describing fictional writing that self-consciously and systematically draws attention to its status as an artifact in posing questions about the relationship between fiction and reality, usually using irony and self-reflection. It can be compared to presentational theatre, which does not let the audience forget it is viewing a play; metafiction does not let the reader forget he or she is reading a fictional work.

My favorite book on the subject: Metafiction: The Theory and Practice by Patricia Waugh

Patricia Waugh defines metafiction as"fictional writing which self-consciously and systematically draws attention to itself as an artifact to pose questions about the relationship between fiction and reality." Further, to be considered "metafictionalist is that they all explore a theory of writing through the practice of writing."(Waugh pg. 2)


Jan. 20 Six Sentence Sunday

Secret Desire Excerpt
Novel and soon to be released in early February 1, 2013.
A contemporary erotic romance set in North Carolina.

Claire Robertson must return to her hometown to deal with tragedy and heartache. She left home to become a journalist, writing erotic tales at night undercover. Going back home, she discovers an opportunity amidst tragedy and the chaos of sending the wrong story to her editor. When a door is closed, there's got to be a window open somewhere.

If she's ready to take a chance, she may find love and a scorching life are hers for the asking.

 From page two.
       Tonight Dustin seemed to take possession of her thoughts, but it was her body that wanted fulfillment. She half-closed her eyes and imagined the things Dustin would do to her. Her breath caught, her eyes fluttered, and he was gone.Claire moaned, slamming her hand down in frustration.

        She had to stop imagining him. These fantasies tended to spill into her nighttime writing, and if

she wasn’t careful, her next heroine might very well fall into the arms of a motocross-riding hero who

closely resembled the boy next door.


Six Sentence Sunday: Game on.

Six Sentences on Sunday and let's get started shall we? Authors join together on Sunday giving the world a slice of their creativity. Served up cold, hot, spicy or anything in between, we write and invite you to partake. 

This week, let's sample shifting steam from Collared For A Night, paranormal shapeshifting erotic romance. (That a mouthful right there.)

Diana's more than a widow. Alone. She's a shapeshifter on the verge of losing control. Shawn is a man who asks few questions, prefering to act out his alpha nature instead of trading small talk. He agrees to "help" Diana out during her heat cycle.

Game. On.
  (Shawn poses the question below.)
            “Frst, answer my question. Are you interested in spending the night with me? A one word answer will due. Yes or No?”
         "This is a little bit more than deciding on scrambled or
poached. I didn’t expect to see you here as my...as my date.”


Six Sentence Sunday - OCEAN OF LOVE

Six sentences from Ocean of Love, a paranormal romance. And yes, it's a Valentine's story.

Finally, their work is done and Marissa is unable to resist her client's charms. Wyatt's call to Marissa's boss requests the real estate closing be "handled" by his attorney so he can have her all to himself in an oceanfront villa. So far, he's let Marissa do her real estate broker job so her ethics wouldn't be compromised but no more. Tonight is Valentine's night and it's time for love.

She'd been ready to give into him except now with a butcher’s knife to her back, she’d rather walk out the front door and never, ever, lay eyes on him again. “I’m more than insulted.”

His face remained impassive even though his voice crept toward her in a low growl. “Sweetheart, there's no slight where you're concerned. My God, even with your back against some imaginary wall, you’re a sight. Marissa, I’ve no intention of wasting another moment of your precious life on such insignificant details—”

With any luck, Ocean of Love should be released at the beginning of February
in time for Valentine's day. I just hope it's this year. Wish me luck.

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Best Original Erotica Romance Read This Year
My year in review goes straight to the heart...and soul. Heck let's just go for broke. And imagination.

The books which caught and hooked my attention, kept me thinking long past when I'd finished reading. 
All of them are originals.

I've read oodles over the last year, and yes, there were several good reads that were shadows of other books. As a reader and writer, I love erotica that isn't a take on another take. The first take was enough and these unique books from the opening pages had me enthralled by each author's imagination, sweeping the reader (me) into another realm. A provocative ride from start to end.

Oh, Nelly bell! So many tasty books and positively talented writers exist. Alas time waits for no reader. With diverse choices and categories in erotica romance, I was left breathless as the clock struck midnight unfurling the arrival of 2013.

Suspense, steampunk, thrillers, science fiction... I'm hoping this year opens other doors. Steamy, tantalizing thresholds too hard to resist.

What about you? Original, hot, and spicy. What left you wanting more?

Enter to win one of the grand prizes with a comment or your recommendation for original erotica stories and suggestions.

Contemporary Novellas

Miranda Baker – Bottoms Up (Really Hoooottttt. Wear mittens)
Lilly Cain - No Reservations (Jump right into bliss)
Julian Dodd – Kiss Me (Snappy internalizations)
Shoshanna Ever’s Overheated (Loved the heat and the ending)
Tiffany Reisz – The Gift (Multifaceted characters)
Contemporary Novels
Vina Jackson – Eighty Days (Triology) Yellow, Blue, Red
Lisa Renee Jones – If I were You (Didn’t want to put down.)
Sylvain Reynard – Gabriel's Inferno (Perfect escape without a passport)
M. F. Sinclair – The Dom of My Dreams (Spankin’ Hot)
Historical– Hot Romance
Eliza Lloyd-Wicked Desires (Truly wicked)

Julia Kavan – Sleeping Not Dreaming

M/M F/F/Menage Erotic Romance

Elaine Atwell - The Music Box (Superb character development)
Charley Descoteux – Comfort and Joy (Sensual and lyrical)
Antonia Van Zandt - Seducing Amanda (Evocative setting.)
Paranormal Novel and Novella
Amelie Adams Her Billionaire Wolf Novella (Lyrical and lovely)
Nina Pierce Bonded by Need (From the get go, this is hot)
Lori Foster – Forever Buckhorn (Sparks fly.)
Lorelie James – All Jacked Up (Tantalizing tension)
Julia Kavan – Sleeping Not Dreaming
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