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SECRET DESIRE, final edit was done yesterday. Almost time to celebrate.

by S.D. Taylor
Book: Secret Desire
First Date Menu

Claire and Dustin set out for dinner on their first date. In the small town of their childhood, this heroine and hero are not yet lovers though very much in love.

Dustin yearns to captivate Claire after a near hot collide back at home, he can't wait to take her in his arms but has promised himself first he must properly woe Claire. Even as a seasoned traveler, business owner, and experienced man, it all means nil. Dustin understands home is where his heart resides.

Claire aches for Dustin's touch yet she's never been comfortable in her own skin which is a mirror image of her twin sister. Claire's back from the West Coast, with a stock pile of secret desires about to come undone if she harnesses and leaps from fantasy into the arms of reality.

Cue please. Candles, music, and wine.

First epicurean consideration of the evening is deciding red or white. They opt for red, thank you very much. A 2004 Barolo Rupestris from Cappellano.

Teobaldo Cappellano’s
2004 Barolo Rupestris

THE BAROLI Barolo “Rupestris"
Posted on the Rare Wine Company's website:

In 1870 the Gabutti vineyard of Cappellano was founded Filippo Cappellano in Serralunga. Even today, the estate is family owned and controlled. Teobaldo Cappellano headed the estate until his death in 2008. "He was an early and vocal champion of sustainable viticulture and traditional winemaking." A majority of the grapevines were planted in the early 20th century.

VINEYWARD INFORAMTIONSoils: Grey and white calcareous marls.
Zone:Serralunga d’Alba
Fruit Source: Gabutti cru in Serralunga
Avg. Yield: 40 hL/hA
Fermentation: 15 days in wooden vat with regular breaking-up the cap.
Aging: 4-5 years on large cask.
Avg. Production: 300-400 cases
US retail price: $75.00

According to the Rare Wine Company:
"Classic Winemaking. The Barolos that Cappellano made are classic “old-style” wines, marked by a haunting scent of dried roses and a hint of truffle. Yet, because of his stance on ratings, little has been written about them in America."

The Cappellano's make three types of Barolos. Rupestris, Piè Franco, and Chianota.

"Two-thirds of his Barolo production was Barolo “Rupestris,from a parcel planted on grafted rootstock in the 1940s. The grapes from this parcel produce a Barolo of superb depth of color and remarkable richness and length."

Please visit the RARE WINE COMPANY for more information and ordering.

The next installment blog feature will include the dishes and snippets from Claire and Dustin's first date. Please come back for Secret Desire first date recipes for pasta and fish dishes.
Buon appetito and buona notte!